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The RHIhub maps show county-by-county data on Health Professional Shortage Areas for Primary Care, Dental Care, and Mental Health Care. Non-metropolitan and micropolitan shortage areas are identified with a separate color scale from metropolitan shortage areas.

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Health Profession Shortage Areas: Primary Care








IHS clinics and hospitals in AZ

The Bureau of Health Systems Development (HSD) provides several resources free-of-charge to the public in an effort to support the expansion of primary care services and to reduce health disparities throughout Arizona. The data, reports and maps available through HSD are useful for grant writing, needs assessments, resource prioritization and other health planning initiatives.

Maps include:

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The Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America provides statistics by broad categories of socioeconomic factors:

  • People: Demographic data from the American Community Survey (ACS), including age, race and ethnicity, migration and immigration, education, household size, and family composition.
  • Jobs: Economic data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources, including information on employment trends, unemployment, and industrial composition of employment from the ACS.
  • County classifications: Categorical variables including the rural-urban continuum codes, economic dependence codes, persistent poverty, persistent child poverty, population loss, onshore oil/natural gas counties, and other ERS county typology codes.
  • Income: Data on median household income, per capita income, and poverty (including child poverty).
  • Veterans: Data on veterans, including service period, education, unemployment, income, and other demographic characteristics.