Student Internship Projects & Other Opportunities

The Arizona Center for Rural Health staff work with professional, graduate and undergraduate students to complete internship projects or staff opportunities impacting rural and urban underserved areas. Students can conduct a community assessment for use in developing a program plan; design, implement, and evaluate a health education program for a selected target population in the community; research and produce draft public health legislation that impacts a community, or complete biostatistical analysis and prepare quantitative public health data reports.


  • Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Literature Reviews and Research
  • Project SHARE Coordination, Assessment, and Marketing
  • Coalition Participation
  • Event and training logistics coordination
  • Monthly Webinar Scheduling
  • Critical Access Hospital Bypass Reports
  • Marketing and Social Media Development
  • Blogs, newsletters, and reports publishing

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NOTE: The AzCRH student application portal accepts general applications on a rolling basis. Specific positions open and close periodically, as they become available and are filled. Thank you for your patience in this process. Students have "Allowable Work Hours" that range from 20 to 35 hours per week. If a student has a GA/TAship or work study, the student's total weekly hours must be within the max "Allowable Work Hours." For more information about Student A/B/C hours and policies and to see if you qualify to apply, click HERE

Please fill out the form  and send a pdf version to Melissa Quezada at  

UA Internship Guidance and Policies are available HERE


Estefania Mendivil

Estefanía Mendivil
Internship Title: 
Accessibility Coordinator, Fall 2020- Spring 2021
Supervisor: Bridget Murphy  
Projects Completed at AzCRH: Ensured training materials for AZMAT Mentors program were culturally and linguistically appropriate while ensuring accessibility. As well as work on a manuscript based off of the work I did. Created captioning for training videos. Researched MAT program recommendations.

Advice for Future Interns: "Be open and not so niche oriented because you might pass up an amazing opportunity.​"


Martin Caudillo

Martin Caudillo 
Internship Title: Technical Assistance Coordinator, Spring & Summer 2021
Supervisor: Bridget Murphy
Projects Completed at AzCRH: Work on annotated bibliography, literature review webinar and support. 

Advice for Future Interns: "Look for an internship that aligns with your career goals, they will help you align the future and pave roads for success."




Eniola Idowu

Eniola Idowu
Internship Title:
 Evaluation of AzMAT Mentors Program to Increase Medication-Assisted treatment Services for Opioid Use Disorder in Arizona.

Supervisor: Ben Brady

Projects Completed at AzCRH: AzMAT Mentors - Internship video is used to share program results with AzMAT Mentors Program providers and an evaluation results infographic.

  1. Free Health Insurance Assistance (search by zip code) HERE
  2. Health Sciences Mental Health Counseling HERE
  3. Campus Health Services HERE
  4. Apply to Project SHARE (Students Helping Arizona Register Everyone) HERE
CONTACT: Melissa Quezada