AzCRH Publications

AzCRH Publications

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AzCRH Annual Reports

Center for Rural Health annual reports summarize activities related to its mission to improve the health & wellness of Arizona’s rural & vulnerable populations.

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AzCRH Newsletter

Rural news, events, resources, funding opportunities and more.

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AzCRH Studies & Assessments

Published peer reviewed research on rural public health or health care;  needs assessments at the organizational, community, or state level, and more.

Physician Specialty Workforce Profile

AzCRH Workforce Reports & Briefs

AzCRH Workforce Reports & Briefs are analytical publications of the current supply or demand of the health workforce.

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AzCRH Policy Reports & Briefs

Policy Reports & Briefs are longer analytical or shorter summary publications written to educate and inform specific policy discussions or questions at the state or local level.

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AzCRH Guides & Manuals

AzCRH Guides & Manuals are intended to help users understand resources, programs, policies, or data applicable to rural health in Arizona.