A new study will aid in the counting of farmworkers in Arizona

Sept. 29, 2023

Arizona Farmworkers Enumeration Profiles Study supported by CRH AHEAD program

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A new study funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services will aid in the counting of farmworkers in Arizona. They are one of the most vulnerable populations in the state. 

The study was conducted by researchers at University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health. It will produce current and credible counts of farmworkers and their household members in Arizona to provide organizations and agencies with data to meet the needs of this vital yet vulnerable community. 

Farmworkers in Arizona fuel the state’s economy and feed our nation. They harvest crops, tend livestock and aquaculture, support forestry operations, and work in food processing and packaging plants. 

The last systematic count was in 2008. Knowing how many farmworkers there are in Arizona, where they work and during which seasons they work will help inform efforts to improve care and conditions for Arizona farmworkers. 

Kate Ellingson, Ph.D., an Associate Professor at Zuckerman, emphasized the COVID-19 pandemic and recent heat-related deaths among farmworkers underscore the importance of strategically directing public health resources to this frequently overlooked population.

Priscila Ruedas, MPH, the lead researcher for the Arizona Farmworker Enumeration Profiles Study (AZ-FEPS) and a community outreach specialist at Zuckerman, emphasized the importance of getting buy-in from a diverse range of stakeholders, from policymakers to industry experts to farmworker advocates to migrant health providers.

The project is designed to offer training and mentorship in enumeration methods for researchers and professionals in academics, industry, government and community service organizations.

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