Student Internship Projects & Opportunities

Rural Health Internships

Arizona Center for Rural Health Marketing & Social Media Internship

  • The AzCRH Marketing & Social Media Intern will help the Center stay visible online and in the community via social media, blogs and community events. 

Arizona Center for Rural Health Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (Flex) Internship

  • The AzCRH Flex Intern will help the Center provide technical assistance to Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in various core areas, such as quality improvement and operational & financial improvement.

Our Neighbors Pantry and Farm

  • Documenting Our Neighbors Pantry Clients’ Experiences with Poverty and Our Neighbors Pantry

Water Harvesting, Low Water Use Landscaping and Local Food Production, “Find it/Use It” in Graham County

  • Building on the success of the last several years of externships and other programs, Graham County Cooperative Extension, University of Arizona is looking to hire two externs that would locate, photograph, document, and develop an interactive Google Map displaying examples of low water use landscape, active and passive water harvesting, pollinator gardening, local and controlled environment food production, and other innovative efforts in sustainable systems in Graham County.  This map once completed, would be made available to the public on the Graham County Extension website and other partner sites for citizens of Graham County to easily locate examples and experience different sustainable systems.

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Current Interns:


Shree KheniShree Kheni is an undergraduate junior in the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. Ms. Kheni interns for the Arizona Center for Rural Health where she supports efforts in rural and underserved communities. She is a part of the Arizona Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (AzFlex), which supports health system development and community engagement, and ultimately improves the quality of rural health care in the state of Arizona. In the past, Shree was a part of the Neuroimaging and Cognition Laboratory at the University of Arizona Psychology Department, where she performed further research on how glucose levels are linked to the aging process. Born and raised in Southern California, Shree aspires to get her Master’s in Healthcare Administration and, one day, obtain an executive position within the public healthcare system.


Former Interns: Experiences and Advice


Alivia GleasonAlivia Gleason
Internship Title: Marketing and Social Media Intern, Spring 2017
Supervisor: Alyssa Padilla
Projects Completed at AzCRH: Market the AZ Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative materials, market and distribute Health Insurance Literacy tools, expand Social Media content and marketing opportunities, create the AzCRH LinkedIn, draft Monthly AzCRH Newsletters, and attend and present at public health events

“I chose to do my internship at AzCRH because I was interested in reaching out to hard to reach communities and providing them with resources that can help them improve their health and wellness. I am passionate about health and wellness and believe that providing communities with educational resources regarding health and wellness is the first step to an overall healthier country.”

Advice for Future Interns: “For students who are looking for internships, I would suggest that you are open minded and look into various different internship opportunities. Make sure to ask the organization what they expect from you and be sure to let them know what you are looking for in an organization. Go with the internship that you will get something out of because you will have more valuable experience to put on your resume...”


Celine BuiCeline Bui
Internship Title: Medicare & Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (AzFlex) Intern, Spring 2017
Supervisor: Jill Bullock
Projects Completed at AzCRH: Compile statewide Community Health Needs Assessments, assist with the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP), help create the internship profile webpage, and compile rural resources and articles

“I have encountered patients who struggle with accessing quality healthcare, which was a motivating factor in my interest of pursuing a career as Physician Assistant. I thought that interning with AzCRH would provide me the opportunity to gain a better understanding on the issues that rural and underserved population face when accessing quality healthcare and the factors that can help improve the healthcare delivery system.”

Advice for Future Interns: “… find something that they are passionate about and to not be afraid to reach out to agencies to see if there are opportunities available and doing something that is out of their comfort zone. They should engage in activities, such as volunteering, to gain a better understanding on what their interest are and what they are passionate about. When preparing for the career they want to go into, they should follow their own pace. Even though someone may be at a different place in their career than where they are at, they should not feel rushed and to just take small steps at a time and do what is best for them.”


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