Guides & Toolkits

Social Determinants of Health: A Quick Reference Guide for State Offices of Rural Health and State and Territorial Health Officials

September 2017 - Authors: NOSORH, in collaboration with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

There are many factors which influence the health of people living and working in rural America: access to care, genetics, relationships with friends and family, environment, and a wide variety of social determinants of health. While the focus of many rural health programs is on the delivery of healthcare services, research has shown that 20 percent of an individual’s health is attributed to healthcare, 30 percent to health behaviors, and the remaining 50 percent related to socioeconomic or environmental factors.


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Critical Access Hospital Designation Manual

November 2016 - Authors: Joyce A. Hospodar, MBA, MPA

A manual covering the requirements for becoming a Critical Access Hospital (CAH).


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2015 Arizona Rural Health Clinic Designation Manual

February 2015 - Authors: Joyce A. Hospodar, MBA, MPA

The Rural Health Clinic Designation Instruction Manual is intended to help rural clinics in Arizona determine whether or not this designation is right for them. It describes the fiscal benefits of rural health clinic (RHC) designation, and provides a step-by-step guide that leads you through the application process in Arizona. (Updated 2015)  


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A Quick-Start Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace Application

October 2013 - Authors: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

A quick start guide to learning about the Health Insurance Marketplace. Download:


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Seeking Rural Health Data: A toolkit

July 2013 - Authors: Rural Health Office

State Offices of Rural Health are increasingly challenged to deliver ever larger amounts of data and better data to substantiate the needs for resources to address rural health issues. This Toolkit is designed is to provide State Offices of Rural Health with a tool for accessing and utilizing national, databases that are readily available, free, and have useful rural information for State Offices of Rural Health.


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Rural Assistance Center Health Information Technology Toolkit

July 2013 - Authors: Rural Assistance Center

Health information technology (HIT) systems can be difficult to implement. With support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Rural HIT Taskforce, this toolkit provides federal resources to help guide rural health facilities and providers through the phases of choosing, implementing and operating HIT systems. Using the toolkit, rural communities can: Address challenges of finding capital funding Help community colleges enhance training programs


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The Role of Small and Rural Hospitals and Care Systems in Effective Population Health Partnerships

June 2013 - Authors: Health Research & Educational Trust

To become an effective population health manager, a hospital must create effective partnerships. This guide describes how small and rural hospitals and care systems can develop effective population health partnerships that balance the challenges and opportunities encountered in providing health management.


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12 Things You Should Know About Healthcare Rights

December 2012 - Authors: Southwest Rural Policy Network

The Southwest Rural Policy Network has put together a simple and easy to follow guide to ease the confusion on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


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Creating a Coordinated Community Response for Battered Immigrant Women

January 2008 - Authors: Battered Immigrant Women Program

This toolkit provides the important steps and guidelines for developing a coordinated community response to immigrant victims of domestic or sexual violence, and particularly those eligibile for immigration relief and associated health and human services under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The Southern Arizona Battered Immigrant Women Project designed this toolkit within the context of rural communities in Southern Arizona, for adaptation in rural communities, border communities, and other communities serving immigrant survivors of domestic and sexual violence.s page.


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Inter Facility Tool Kit for the Pediatric Patient

March 2007 - Authors: Various

The EMS for Children National Resource Center, the Emergency Nurses Association, and the Society of Trauma Nurses released the Inter Facility Tool Kit for the Pediatric Patient. 


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