National Community Health Advisor Study


The National Community Health Advisor Study

Community Health Advisors (CHA) help people take greater control over their health and their lives. They promote healthy living by educating about how to prevent disease and injury as well as how to access health and human service systems. The National Community Health Advisory Study identified steps to strengthen outreach services of CHAs across the country. The study was funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview (pp. 1-7)

2. Methodology & Study Participants (pp. 8-10)

3. Core Roles and Competencies of Community Health Advisors (pp. 11-17)
Study Chapter written by Noel Wiggins, MSPH (Assisted by Angelina Borbon, PHN)

4. Evaluating CHA Services (pp. 18-24)
Study Chapter written by J. Nell Brownstein, PhD (Assisted by E. Lee Rosenthal, MPH)

5. Community Health Advisors - A Career in Development (pp. 25-33)
Study Chapter written by E. Lee Rosenthal, MPH
Study Youth Supplement written by Roberta Rael, et al.

6. Community Health Advisors in the Changing Health System (pp. 34-41)
Study Chapter written by Sarah Johnson, MSW, MPH

7. Conclusion (pp. 42-44)
Study Chapter written by E. Lee Rosenthal, MPH

Summary of Core Recommendations - Reference Page (pp. 45-46)