Battered Immigrant Women Project


Project Overview

The Southern Arizona Battered Immigrant Women Project (BIWP) helps to identify and develop resources and provide outreach and training to organizations that interact with immigrant women who may be victims of domestic violence or sexual violence. The project has established six task forces in Arizona's seven southern counties: Graham, Greenlee, Cochise, Pinal, Pima, Santa Cruz and Yuma.

Undocumented immigrant women who are survivors of domestic violence face challenges beyond those experienced by other women in the US such as isolation in a foreign country, constant fear of deportation, and believing they are at the mercy of their spouse to gain legal status. In rural areas, limited programs and resources exacerbate these challenges.

The goal of the BIWP is to improve the access to culturally appropriate services for battered immigrant women, thereby ensuring their rights under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and its mission of safety and empowerment for immigrant women and children victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Project Activities

The Battered Immigrant Women Task Forces have trained thousands of community service providers including law enforcement, health care professionals, educators, victim advocates, legal service providers and community members regarding rights and proper response to victims and survivors. The task forces have brought together key individuals from multiple sectors of their communities to develop and implement effective mechanisms for coordinated response and support for immigrant victims of violence, as well as for conducting provider for training and building awareness regarding battered immigrant women's rights. Most recently, their efforts have culminated in the development of a coordinated community response protocol specifically addressing the unique needs of battered immigrant women.

Community Tool Kit

This community tool kit for a Protocol for Coordinated Community Response for Battered Immigrant Women should serve as a guide for your community in creating an effective and safe system to provide continuity and holistic support to victims and their families.

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Task Force Coordinators / County BIW Contacts

Cochise County

Graham/Greenlee Counties

Pima County

Oralee Stokes



Sandy Garza
Mount Graham Safe House
Graham County
928-348-9104 / 888-269-9104

Ethel St Hilaire
Mount Graham Safe House
Greenlee County
928-793-4053 / 888-269-9104

Montserrat Caballero

Jean McClelland
UA College of Public Health
Center for Rural Health

Pinal County

Santa Cruz County

Yuma County

Sylvia Procela
Against Abuse


Dora Taddey
Su Voz Vale
Maria Vasquez
Amberly's Place